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What Is It About New York?

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What Is It About New York?

New-York-CityOkay, I’ve lived in New York for 19 months now, and there are some things about this state that I love, and some that drive me bonkers! For instance:

1. New Yorkers Are Afraid of the Rain. No kidding. If it starts raining, it’s as if someone launched a nuclear attack. Everyone takes cover, hunkers down and waits for the disaster to be over.

In California, we may not like the rain, but we aren’t afraid to go out in it! It doesn’t stop us, say, from going to a movie or a concert… or the store! But New Yorkers use rain as an excuse to cancel everything.

Maybe New Yorkers melt if they get wet.

2. Pedestrians DO NOT Have the Right of Way… No Matter What!
Even in crosswalks. In fact, crosswalks are useless here because drivers could care less if you’re in one, about to walk into one or trying to hightail it out of one. They will mow you down either way. And I’m not talking about city drivers but up here in the Hudson Valley.

In California, if a pedestrian is anywhere near a crosswalk, if they’re even thinking about a crosswalk, and you don’t stop, you get fined, big time!

3. New Yorkers Don’t Believe in Street Signs. In New York City, the streets are very well marked. But upstate, forget about it! That Google map won’t do a bit of good, because it may tell you to turn left on Wallafunka Street, but chances are very good that Wallafunka Street (and any other street you’re looking for) won’t have a street sign.

For someone new to the area (like yours truly), this is enough to make you want to turn the car west and head back to California.

4. New Yorkers Are Polite, Kind and Helpful. Since I’ve been here, I’ve only seen one person who came close being the sullen, obnoxious, rude or even hateful New Yorker stereotype. It was a woman in a drug store in New York City who started yelling at the girl behind the counter, insulting her, because… well, I’m not sure why.

Everyone else — from those who said “Excuse me” when they had to snuggle in close to me on the subway, to those on the streets of the city who always pointed me in the right direction, to the woman working at Starbucks who let us in 5 minutes after closing because we were desperate for coffee — has been courteous, helpful and very kind.

New Yorkers rock. Even if they are afraid of the rain.

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