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Unequivocal Happiness: Day One

Last Wednesday, I was driving to Rosendale for my ukulele lesson. It was a gorgeous early Spring day. The sky was saturated in blue. The sun peaked in and out of billowy white clouds. And the road was clear as I drived merrily along, bopping and bouncing to a Jason Mraz song.

I was happy. Ridiculously happy. Almost unbearably happy. As if something magical had filled me to the brim with intense joy and overwhelming love. I felt connected to everything and nothing and the Loving Hugeness Which Some Call God.

And I thought, why can’t I feel this way every day?

Really, I mean, why not?

If it’s true that we can choose happiness, why not choose it?

It’s not as if something specific had happened to throw me into my jolly mood that morning. In fact, there was still plenty of things to worry about. Like the slow transition happening in my business. The water that keeps seeping into the basement after a ferocious rain. The fact I’d had to go to the emergency room 2 weeks prior (for a 4mm kidney stone) and I was sure to get a whopper of a bill.

But none of that mattered in that moment. The happiness I felt was unconditional. It wasn’t tied to an event, a specific, a circumstance. It was the pure, blissed-out joy of being alive, being me, being in the moment, being connected to Something Bigger Than Me.

Today is May 1, and I’ve decided to be happy. No matter what. For 30 days.

I want to see what might happen if I intentionally make happiness my priority, if I don”t let myself slip into crankiness, complaints, worries or moods. To not let circumstance, problems, irritations or a sudden change in the weather affect my joy. To choose to stay connected to the always available and generous pipeline of happiness, joy and love.

Truth be told, I am, as a rule, a pretty happy person. My natural state is pretty joyful, playful and positive.

But like all of us, I get caught up in snarls of stress, swirls of worry and storms of dark thoughts that drag me down, cut me off and cause me pain. And sadness.

But I also know that those episodes are caused by what I’m thinking. What I’m choosing to focus on. What would happen if I chose, in those moments, to focus on what makes me happy?

According to the Law of Attraction, by choosing to be happy, by intentionally choosing to move through my days as joyful as possible, I’m attracting more of the same into my life. More joy. More happiness. As well as the conditions, circumstances and delightful coincidences associated with a happy state.

So, what might happen in my external world and in my internal world if I intentionally, deliberately and perhaps even vigilantly chose to be happy every moment of every day?

Let’s see.

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