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This is Carl

Seems I’m a savior of stuffed animals… a role I play with pride.

Let me introduce you to Carl (he’s the one in the photo). I met Carl in front of my house. He was in the gutter, wet and covered in mud. It had been raining pretty hard that morning, and I guess he didn’t have enough sense to come in from the rain. And from the looks of things, Carl had also been keeping questionable company, because lying next to him, dead drunk, was Wolverine…. a small, plastic miniturized version, but Wolverine all the same.

I picked them both up, carried them into the house, washed them in the sink (Carl’s ears were especially filthy) and let them both dry out in the sun. Now, Wolverine is guarding our kitchen sink (though he slips into the wine cabinet fairly often) and Carl, well, Carl is trying to decide where he wants to hang. Right now, he’s on my computer. But he may end up on my bed with Pookie and Melvin. We’ll see.

Either way, he’s made an entrance just in time to play a part my 29 Days of Being Silly. In fact, he could become the mascot for this project. He’s in the running, along with the squirrels outside my window who often inspire me to silliness.

By the way, I’ve been doing pretty well on the Silliness front. Writing silly poems with those refrigerator magnet poetry sets, trying to move a toothpick around in my mouth like a gangster, and just remembering to lighten up. Today, I’m going to visit some pygmy goats, who may or may not be silly. Perhaps the fact I’m driving all the way to New Paltz to see them is silly enough.

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