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What's New at Savona's

My friend Paul Rakov would argue with me (but then, he’s always arguing with me or someone else), but I do believe that one of the best things about Kingston, New York, is Savona’s Trattoria. And no, I’m not just saying that because I have a gig there every last Thursday of the month. Long before Stephen Savona ever asked me to perform there, Savona’s became my second home here in Kingston. Every time I walk in there, it’s like a scene from Cheers… where everybody knows your name. . . .

A Comedy of Errors – Day 7 & 8

When you’re in a foul mood, the idea of experiencing something new becomes more of a burden than a delight. And on Thursday, July 8, I was struggling to write dazzling copy for a client of mine. It wasn’t happening. And that made me grumpy.

As a writer, sometimes things just flow easily and vibrantly . . .