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Getting Over Myself…Again

I just discovered it this morning.

My virtual friend and fabulous podcaster Dave Lee had this GREAT Audioboo up on his Facebook page, and I thought, “What is this Audioboo thingy?”

Well… turns out it’s pretty cool! It’s an application that lets you record up to 5 minutes of audio from your iPhone or upload . . .

The Last Three Days of 31 Days of Experiencing New Things

Yesterday, August 1, was the last day of my 31 Days of Experiencing New Things, one of the many 31-day focuses championed by Staci Brice (who now refers to herself as Anastacia). Some days, it was a challenge to conjure up a new experience. Other days, they rolled up to my doorstep, surprising me. Sometimes, . . .

31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 15, 16 & 17

There are new expiences you look forward to. They feel fun and adventurous. Others grab you by surprise. You couldn’t have planned them if you tried. And if you’re really lucky, you get a little of both in the same experience! That was Day 16, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

On Day 15 of . . .

Songwriter On Fire

I have a friend who’s a songwriter. A damned good songwriter.

And sometimes, not always, when he’s working on a song, he catches fire.

The creative spark, lit by a riff, a snippet of melody, a chord progression starts burning, and he becomes consumed in a creative blaze. The song, as it emerges, overtakes him. . . .

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Days Like Today

There are days, like today,

when all I need or want is to be alone

listening to John Mayer sing “Dreaming With a Broken Heart.”

There are days, like today,

when I feel hung by the weight of betrayal and disappointment

and yet I don’t care.

Because soon, at 5:00 pm today I’ll be standing . . .

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