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New Day! New Week! We're at Savona's on Wednesday!

Due to this crazy thing called Thanksgiving, Nancy Tierney & The Boys will be performing at Savona’s on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17… instead of their normal “last Thursday of the month” time. I hope you can come and take part in some pre-Thanksgiving cheer! . . .

31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 26, 27 & 28

Yesterday was Day 28 of this crazy 31 Day project of Experiencing New Things. And it was also gig day

Singing at Savona's

for me. The Boys and I performed at Savona’s Trattoria in Kingston, our regular monthly gig, and it was a great night for us. Lots of people showed up (which . . .

Gig Day

I’ve got a gig tonight at Savona’s, a great Italian restaurant in the Rondout of Kingston. We’re just performing for two hours in the bar, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, but I’m nervous. I guess I always get a little nervous on gig day. But for some reason, I’m a little more nervous than . . .

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Pushing Through the Membrane

I have a ton of work to do today. I should be writing a proposal for a client. Actually, I need to write 3 different proposals today. But I can’t get started. I can’t dig in.

Something happened last night. Something that shifted me into a new place and allowed me to relocate a part . . .

Fragile Ego, Fragile Voice

Be careful what you ask for. Even in the secret whispers of your heart. You just may get it.

Last night, a songwriter/musician whom I admire asked me a question that stopped my heart. He asked me if he wrote a song for me to sing, would I accept his instruction when it came time . . .

Bad News Today: Upper Fourth is Closed

My friend Jeff from Sebastopol gave me the bad news last night.

Upper Fourth is closed.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Upper Fourth is, or rather, was a beautiful, classy bar in Santa Rosa that offered adults the perfect place to meet, have a drink, talk quietly, laugh loudly . . .

Diva News: Video Blog, Sept. 4, 2009

Hey Gang!

Here’s my first video blog, inspired by the fact that I’ve been too damned busy to write an issue of Diva News, or even a blog post for that matter.

Just to catch you up as I enter my 6th month in New York.

. . .

Everybody’s Just a Stranger

Everybody’s just a stranger, but that’s the danger of going my own way. It’s the price I have to pay.

— John Mayer, from the song, Georgia

This afternoon, I’ll be singing at Don’t Tell Mama in New York City. It’s my sliver of a New York City debut.

My friend . . .

Recovering From New York

Oh, New York, New York! What have you done to me?

I’ve been back home for over a week now. What a wildly wicked and wonderful trip! It changed my life and then changed it back again. It lifted me up, twirled me around and then threw me to the curb… and I’m just now . . .

When Your Singing Sucks

There were moments last night when my singing truly sucked.

with Daniel at Upper Fourth on Oct. 10, 08.

I remember each of those moments vividly. The last note of “It’s Only Love.” The high phrase near the end of “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” The Ab in “Don’t Blame Me.”

AND there were . . .