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New Day! New Week! We're at Savona's on Wednesday!

Due to this crazy thing called Thanksgiving, Nancy Tierney & The Boys will be performing at Savona’s on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17… instead of their normal “last Thursday of the month” time. I hope you can come and take part in some pre-Thanksgiving cheer! . . .

Winter Comes

New York is so dramatic.

As if with a wave of a magic wand, Fall swooped in and turned leaves crimson, orange and gold. Now, winter has announced itself, and the trees are almost completely bare, waiting for their first skim of snow. It’s time to pack away the t-shirts, shorts and sun dresses and . . .

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Diva News: Video Blog, Sept. 4, 2009

Hey Gang!

Here’s my first video blog, inspired by the fact that I’ve been too damned busy to write an issue of Diva News, or even a blog post for that matter.

Just to catch you up as I enter my 6th month in New York.

. . .

View From a Bridge

I now live between two bridges. Which feels strangely symbolic… somehow.

I took a long walk in the most luscious Spring afternoon today and took this photo: the view from one of the bridges I live between.

So I’m here. I’m moved in. Mostly. And starting to get my bearings and feel more at home . . .

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Waiting For the Moving Van

I’ve been here 11 days. Or is it 12? No, 11.

And the moving van will be here in an hour. Or so they say.

I’ve moved to New York. Upstate New York. About 2 hours north of my new love, New York City. Why am I living here instead of IN the City? Money, . . .