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The Last Three Days of 31 Days of Experiencing New Things

Yesterday, August 1, was the last day of my 31 Days of Experiencing New Things, one of the many 31-day focuses championed by Staci Brice (who now refers to herself as Anastacia). Some days, it was a challenge to conjure up a new experience. Other days, they rolled up to my doorstep, surprising me. Sometimes, . . .

Pushing Through the Membrane

I have a ton of work to do today. I should be writing a proposal for a client. Actually, I need to write 3 different proposals today. But I can’t get started. I can’t dig in.

Something happened last night. Something that shifted me into a new place and allowed me to relocate a part . . .

Waiting For the Moving Van

I’ve been here 11 days. Or is it 12? No, 11.

And the moving van will be here in an hour. Or so they say.

I’ve moved to New York. Upstate New York. About 2 hours north of my new love, New York City. Why am I living here instead of IN the City? Money, . . .