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Rockin’ the 31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 12, 13, & 14

What I’m loving about this 31 Days of Experiencing New Things project is realizing just how often I DO experience new things… without even trying. Every day IS a new experience, right? In breaking out of the same old routine, I’ve noticed, gratefully, that I rarely live one day like another. There is always something new and often wonderful.

On Day 12 of this project, which was July 13, I grabbed my bon vivant and my camera and headed down to the marina in Kingston where we bought sandwiches at the Rondout Deli (yummy turkey & avocado wraps) and ate on the grass near Mariner’s restaurant. Afterwards, we wandered down to feed the ducks and geese, which I hadn’t done for so long, and I took some photos, like the one in this blog post.

On Day 13, I made Chicken with Lots of Garlic for dinner. This is a totally new recipe for me, one I snatched from I’d been wanting to make this recipe for awhile, but it’s been too dang hot to cook lately. Our kitchen is the hottest room in the house, so an adventure in cooking hasn’t sounded appealing until last Wednesday. It was fun to try something new, and Mark loved the chicken. I, on the other hand, thought it was just okay. I’d make it again, just because it was so much fun and very garlicky, but next time, I’ll be careful not to heat the olive oil too much before browning the chicken. I think that’s where I went wrong.

Yesterday was Day 14, and I had a blast going to the Ulster County Musicians Network meetup at Skytop Steakhouse & Brewing Company. I met 3-4 people there whom I’ve met virtually, on Facebook or Twitter, but have never met face to face. Like Jude DeFalco, Stephen Crawford, and Neil Alexander. I also got to talk with Peter Aaron, a great bio writer and the musician whose gig I ended up NOT going to on that Comedy of Errors day, Day 8 of this project. Yes, he’s still talking to me.

So, what will my new experience be today? Hmmmm….

1 comment to Rockin’ the 31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 12, 13, & 14

  • Ann e.King

    Nancy, what a great variety. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t have to be all fireworks to be new.

    Day 12 for me was also July 13. I created a new blog dedicated to the education of insurance policy holders across the board. It’s written with a focus on the insurance side of my house saga and what worked for me. I’m posting once a day until the whole story is told. My intention is to help people who are involved, have been involved or may be involved with difficulties in dealing with their insurance companies.

    Wednesday, Day 13, I was relaxing in the hammock on my morning break, marveling at the beauty of the trees and listening to the birds call. I heard a very loud noise before I saw the big ~ really big ~ military cargo plane that flew low right over the top of me on the way to the airport. It gave me a thrill. Never saw that before. I love planes.

    And yesterday, Day 14, I took a walk. Nothing new there. But, I was feeling especially tired around 7:00 last night. Usually, that’s the signal to get horizontal and chill in one of the many comfy spots I have around here for that purpose. Instead, I felt the strong pull to head out and walk. I let myself be led around the neighborhood instead of walking my usual Lambeau Field route. When I turned down a street I don’t ordinarily go on, I remembered something I’d seen days earlier about taking a gratitude walk. I saw and acknowledged many things to be grateful for but most of all, the inspirational and beautiful gardens that peppered the yards of the village. When I got back home, my spirit was exhilarated. The body was still tired so I picked out one of my cozy spots and got horizontal.


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