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Getting Over Myself…Again

I just discovered it this morning.

My virtual friend and fabulous podcaster Dave Lee had this GREAT Audioboo up on his Facebook page, and I thought, “What is this Audioboo thingy?”

Well… turns out it’s pretty cool! It’s an application that lets you record up to 5 minutes of audio from your iPhone or upload audio from your computer and then post it to Facebook and Twitter. There’s a whole social networking component, too, where you can listen to other people’s boos, like them, follow them and what not.

I immediately wanted to use it! I wanted to post a song or something. But WHAT song? I’m so sick of my demo recordings, and I have this new one of But Beautiful, and this really low-quality recording of Accentuate the Positive…

And this is when I had to get over myself.

I wanted to post the 2008  live recording of Accentuate the Positive because I love the song, it’s cheery, and it’s kind of becoming my theme song. But the recording quality was so low because it was basically taken from the video recording of that performance. And oh, my ego was having a tizzy!

I don’t know… do I really want people to hear this? I mean, the sound isn’t good, you can’t hear Jason’s piano very well, the bass is low and the vocals are too upfront. What will people think? I have so few recordings of me, do I really want people to hear this one?

Honestly, it took me a good 5-7 minutes before I had the nerve to post it. I wasn’t until the better half of my mind popped in and told me, “What the bleep do you care what people think? It’s not like you’re in a recording contest. You’re not auditioning for an agent or a recording contract! Your life isn’t on the line here. It’s a SONG, for God’s sake!”

I have a lot of friends and clients who are going for it.  They’re trying to make a career with their music. And I watch how  upset they get if someone posts a photo or video or anything about them on social media sites, even if the person posting it is a huge fan, if they feel what’s posted doesn’t represent them well. And while I understand their feelings, I think they’re being a little short-sighted in their concern, but that’s a whole other blog post… which I hope to write someday.

But today, as I was sweating over whether or not to make my first Audioboo a song I recorded 2 years ago because it didn’t represent me or my band in the best light, I had to laugh at myself. I was tasting a bit of what my friends and clients taste… the fear of not making the greatest impression, the fear that others will judge me and what I’m all about on the basis of one song.

When I used to coach singers and speakers on how to eliminate their stage fright, one of the things I used to tell them was, “You can’t give a rip about what anyone else thinks. What other people think of you is their business, not your business. Keep out of other people’s business and pay attention to your own, which is to have a kick-ass time,  make a connection and just be you.”

I posted my first Audioboo today. It was a poorly recorded song I performed live back in 2008. Like me, it’s far from perfect. And it doesn’t represent me all that well. But it’s out there.

And I feel fine.

3 comments to Getting Over Myself…Again

  • #1 – Great to see you blogging again. It has been a while.

    #2 – I love your version of “Accentuate the Positive” and I remember seeing the video version. It’s a great arrangement, so … poop on the recording quality. Your spirit lives in this recording.

    #3 – I relate completely to your comments about “what other people think” even though that sometimes (or is it, often?) gets the better of me. I know that I get bent out of shape with either a negative review or someone telling me I’ve wronged them (when in fact I didn’t wrong them) – but my first take always, is that they must be right. I am very “thin-skinned” about criticism or rejection. In fact, I am still amazed that I invite critics to my shows at all.

    In fact, after I mastered my first CD in December 2002, I did not release it until September 2003 because I thought it was awful, amateurish, etc. I released it because my producer and my husband both were breathing heavily down my neck to “shut up and let it go!” I did. And, it was named one of the Top 10 Cabaret CDs of the year by Cabaret Hotline. Who knew that my opinion was worthless!

  • Hey, it’s great. I’m dancing in my chair. I AudioBoo-ed once. It was fun. You’ve inspired me to do it more. Looking forward to more Boo’s from you!

  • Hey, Nancy –

    Jim Brewer here. Congratulations on making New York work for you and, even more, on your wonderful blog postings and Diva News newsletter. You’re truly a wonderfully clever, funny, thoughtful and articulate writer, and I’ve been meaning to write for a while to tell you so.

    How I wish I could fly back to Kingston to see your show, but alas, I’m still trapped here in SF. I was just cast in major roles in two indie films, so hope springs eternal.

    Stay well and keep accentuating the positive. You do it so well!

    XO – Jim

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