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Speakeasy Jazz: Charles Frommer plays at Stockade Tavern

chazsaxWhat I love about Charles Frommer (other than the fact that he’s a real cutie pie) is:

  • he plays a mean saxophone.
  • he sometimes wears berets.
  • he survived and thrived in Bloomington, Indiana (I didn’t!)
  • I can look him straight in the eye while talking to him.
  • he’s extraordinarily generous with his talent.

When Charles shows up to sit in at the Speakeasy Jazz nights (which he does often because, as I said above, he’s so generous with his talent), his playing always brings more energy, depth and dimension to any tune. And when he solos, his improvisations are melodic yet inventive.

And this is why I’m so thrilled that Charles will be the featured musician on November 21 at the Speakeasy Jazz Series at Stockade Tavern. I can’t wait to hear him let loose and shine! He’ll be joined by the always brilliant John Esposito on keyboards and the always majestic Lew Scott on bass.

Here are the deets:

Firecracker Productions & Stockade Tavern present…

Charles Frommer with John Esposito & Friends

Thursday, November 21
7:30 to 9:30 pm
Stockade Tavern
313 Fair Street, Kingston, NY

Now, if you’ve been to the Speakeasy Series before, you know that all sorts of incredibly talented musicians show up and sit in. (That’s how I first got to hear Charles play.) So.., you just never know what kind of musical genius may show up and show off.

Plus, Stockade Tavern in and of itself is a treat, with those classic cocktails made with such precision and care, a casual-yet-classy setting and THE nicest people around.

So, come join the always-friendly, jazz-loving, cocktail-sipping community that gathers for Speakeasy Jazz. I’ll see you there!


Do you want to know a little more about Charles?

Well, he’s been playing that saxophone professionally since high school. Now a resident of the glorious Hudson Valley, he studied with Ran Blake at the Third Stream Music department at the New England Conservatory in Boston and in Brooklyn, NY. He’s played on recordings and touring gigs with Cameron Brown, Joe Carozza, Malcolm Cecil, Tom Charlap, Ira Coleman, Patricia Dalton, Mark Dziuba, John Esposito, Matt Fink, Rebecca Coupe Franks, Mike Kull, John Menegon, the Metropolitan Hot Club, Peter O’Brien, Pamela Pentony, Steve Raleigh, Roswell Rudd, Lew Scott, Jeff Siegel, Tani Tabal, Peter Tomlinson and T. Xiques… to name a few. And rumor has it that he plays every Wednesday with the Tom DePetris Quartet over at Dave’s Coffee and Wine House in Saugerties.


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