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The Things We Do For Love

It happens at the oddest times.

When I’m doing something simple, mundane…. like putting quarters in a parking meter, or washing dishes, or making black truffle risotto. Suddenly, my breath catches in my chest. I look around. And I think…

“How did this happen?Is this really my life now?What the hell am I doing . . .

New Day! New Week! We're at Savona's on Wednesday!

Due to this crazy thing called Thanksgiving, Nancy Tierney & The Boys will be performing at Savona’s on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17… instead of their normal “last Thursday of the month” time. I hope you can come and take part in some pre-Thanksgiving cheer! . . .

What's New at Savona's

My friend Paul Rakov would argue with me (but then, he’s always arguing with me or someone else), but I do believe that one of the best things about Kingston, New York, is Savona’s Trattoria. And no, I’m not just saying that because I have a gig there every last Thursday of the month. Long before Stephen Savona ever asked me to perform there, Savona’s became my second home here in Kingston. Every time I walk in there, it’s like a scene from Cheers… where everybody knows your name. . . .

Where Is Home?

This is my third day back in Sonoma County, California, the place I used to call home. It’s odd. Everything is completely familiar. Hwy 101 is still a mess. The landscape is still beautiful and lush. I know exactly where I’m going when I drive from Santa Rosa to San Francisco, which turn to take, . . .

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Music News, MAC Awards, and The Rrazz Room

I am loving my life, baby!

I had so much fun making this video (once I wrestled iMovie to the ground and made it scream “Uncle!”) about my recent excursion to New York City to be at the MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs). My friends Shaynee Rainbolt and Terese Genecco were both . . .

Gig Day

I’ve got a gig tonight at Savona’s, a great Italian restaurant in the Rondout of Kingston. We’re just performing for two hours in the bar, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, but I’m nervous. I guess I always get a little nervous on gig day. But for some reason, I’m a little more nervous than . . .

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Bad News Today: Upper Fourth is Closed

My friend Jeff from Sebastopol gave me the bad news last night.

Upper Fourth is closed.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Upper Fourth is, or rather, was a beautiful, classy bar in Santa Rosa that offered adults the perfect place to meet, have a drink, talk quietly, laugh loudly . . .

Everybody’s Just a Stranger

Everybody’s just a stranger, but that’s the danger of going my own way. It’s the price I have to pay.

— John Mayer, from the song, Georgia

This afternoon, I’ll be singing at Don’t Tell Mama in New York City. It’s my sliver of a New York City debut.

My friend . . .

When Your Singing Sucks

There were moments last night when my singing truly sucked.

with Daniel at Upper Fourth on Oct. 10, 08.

I remember each of those moments vividly. The last note of “It’s Only Love.” The high phrase near the end of “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” The Ab in “Don’t Blame Me.”

AND there were . . .

Singing With Mad Max

. . .

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