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Music News, MAC Awards, and The Rrazz Room

I am loving my life, baby!

I had so much fun making this video (once I wrestled iMovie to the ground and made it scream “Uncle!”) about my recent excursion to New York City to be at the MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs). My friends Shaynee Rainbolt and Terese Genecco were both . . .

Bad News Today: Upper Fourth is Closed

My friend Jeff from Sebastopol gave me the bad news last night.

Upper Fourth is closed.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Upper Fourth is, or rather, was a beautiful, classy bar in Santa Rosa that offered adults the perfect place to meet, have a drink, talk quietly, laugh loudly . . .

Why Aren’t You Here?

I wrote this post while in New York City last week. I never finished it, so I’m posting it now.

It’s the simple things that feel so empowering to me now.

Like knowing that if there’s a subway entrance for the 1 train going downtown on one side of the street, chances . . .

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Recovering From New York

Oh, New York, New York! What have you done to me?

I’ve been back home for over a week now. What a wildly wicked and wonderful trip! It changed my life and then changed it back again. It lifted me up, twirled me around and then threw me to the curb… and I’m just now . . .

When Your Singing Sucks

There were moments last night when my singing truly sucked.

with Daniel at Upper Fourth on Oct. 10, 08.

I remember each of those moments vividly. The last note of “It’s Only Love.” The high phrase near the end of “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” The Ab in “Don’t Blame Me.”

AND there were . . .

Hillary & Me: When You Let Go of The Goal

Hillary didn’t make it. She gave it everything she had, and still, she had to concede.

When she gave her concession speech on Saturday, I could feel her sadness, her disappointment. Or what I imagined she must be feeling. Because who hasn’t known the sadness that comes when you fall short of your goal. . . .

Can We Hear Ourselves When We Sing?

. . .

American Idol: The War of the Davids, TONIGHT!

. . .

Singing With Mad Max

. . .

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Great Music In May!

. . .

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