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Day 7 of Unequivocal Happiness

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. This happiness project.

I was certain I could at least get through 7 days (one measly week) tuned in and lit up with happiness. But nooooo! It was as if this week was determined to throw me curve balls, just to knock me off . . .

Unequivocal Happiness: Day One

Last Wednesday, I was driving to Rosendale for my ukulele lesson. It was a gorgeous early Spring day. The sky was saturated in blue. The sun peaked in and out of billowy white clouds. And the road was clear as I drived merrily along, bopping and bouncing to a Jason Mraz song.

I was happy. . . .

Everytime I Fall In Love

The only way I can share this song is to embed the video here, and so…

Great songwriting. And Clare Bowen sings it perfectly.


ann savoy - J'attendrai

The Things We Do For Love

It happens at the oddest times.

When I’m doing something simple, mundane…. like putting quarters in a parking meter, or washing dishes, or making black truffle risotto. Suddenly, my breath catches in my chest. I look around. And I think…

“How did this happen?Is this really my life now?What the hell am I doing . . .

Speakeasy Jazz: Charles Frommer plays at Stockade Tavern

What I love about Charles Frommer (other than the fact that he’s a real cutie pie) is: he plays a mean saxophone, he sometimes wears berets, he survived and thrived in Bloomington, Indiana (I didn’t!), I can look him straight in the eye while talking to him, and he’s extraordinarily generous with his talent. When Charles shows up to sit in at the Speakeasy Jazz nights (which he does often because, as I said above, he’s so generous with his talent), his playing always brings more energy, depth and dimension to any tune. And when he solos, his improvisations are melodic yet inventive. . . .

Lookin' Good!

Wowie Zowie! I’ve never looked so good! Don’t you agree? I’m tickled pink, purple and dusky shades of gold over the new look of my website. It’s been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, my web genius and I are still refining, retooling and goofing around with a few things. And I need to rewrite the content for many of these pages, but at least the basic look is done. . . .

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Dreams Do Come True

This past Monday, I met him… and one of my dreams came true. I met Tony Bennett. I shook his hand, introduced myself, and told him how much I’ve loved him all these years, how he’s tony_bennettinspired me, how I’m one of his biggest fans. He held my gaze the whole time, smiling, and said, “Thank you. Thank you, sweetheart.” He called me SWEETHEART!!! (Swooning, she falls to the floor.) . . .

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New Day! New Week! We're at Savona's on Wednesday!

Due to this crazy thing called Thanksgiving, Nancy Tierney & The Boys will be performing at Savona’s on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17… instead of their normal “last Thursday of the month” time. I hope you can come and take part in some pre-Thanksgiving cheer! . . .

What's New at Savona's

My friend Paul Rakov would argue with me (but then, he’s always arguing with me or someone else), but I do believe that one of the best things about Kingston, New York, is Savona’s Trattoria. And no, I’m not just saying that because I have a gig there every last Thursday of the month. Long before Stephen Savona ever asked me to perform there, Savona’s became my second home here in Kingston. Every time I walk in there, it’s like a scene from Cheers… where everybody knows your name. . . .