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31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 9 & 10… & 11!

Some days are jampacked with new experiences, like last Friday. But this past Saturday and Sunday… not so much.

On Saturday, I bought kale, eggs and bacon at Kingston Natural Foods in the Rondout. Yes, this was a new experience in that I’d never bought any of those items at Kingston Natural Foods ever before. I know, I’m really stretching it here, but in all fairness, I had a slew of new experiences the night before so I think I deserve a little creative leeway.

On Sunday, July 11, I ate bacon that cost $9 a pound. To my knowledge, I’ve never eaten bacon that costs this much. It was from Gray Horse Farm, and while I believe in supporting local farmers and ranchers as much as any displaced Californian does, I wouldn’t buy this bacon again. It wasn’t spicey or smoked enough, it was too thick and tough, and the taste was reminiscent of pork rinds (an observation made by my bacon-sharing bon vivant).

But the eggs we had with that bacon were from Gray Horse Farm as well, and they were very tasty.

Okay, today was Day 11 of my 31 Days of Experiencing New Things experiment, and I was at a loss. What to do, what to do, what to do? I took the long way home after picking up my posters for my upcoming gig at Savona’s (Thursday, July 29, people!), but that didn’t feel “new” enough.

So, I did the oddest thing. I wrote a completely nonsensical poem. I picked a meter and rhyme sequence, then I just let myself write whatever words came. The result was, well, terrible. It stinks! But it was freeing, to just write words without worrying about meaning. Kind of like writing lyrics to a “Yes” song. I just may do it again!

4 comments to 31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 9 & 10… & 11!

  • Ann e.King

    As a vegetarian, I have to say that I just love that shot of the meat. Glad you got some good eggs, though. And, I love that you wrote that bad song. I think you should try it again!

    Never say never. Saturday (Day 9), I did something that I’d said for years I would never do. I had a rummage sale at my house. My garage was already packed with half of my belongings and I had to sort and clean the stuff anyway so I decided I’d do it. And surprisingly, it was fun! My sister joined me and we made it a day. All the people that came were nice, we joked and laughed during the dry spells, when the day was done, I had over a hundred dollars in new coin in my pocket. That was pretty good considering that all the signs posting my address had fallen down. At the end of the day, we packed everything up in her van and brought it to our local Goodwill for donation, and I got rid of a lifetime of unnecessary stuff. I’m telling you, removing the clutter of reminders of relationships gone bad felt like unbelievably sweet relief. And, for the first time in six months, I saw my garage floor.

    Sunday seemed like it would be like any other day. And it was a small thing for Day 10 but it was something new for me. I headed across town in the afternoon to return the table I borrowed for the sale to my sister-in-law and to bring her a gift for her birthday that day. I had wrapped the present and decorated it with a miniature bottle of Bailey’s Irish Creme secured with twine. My sister dropped by with her gift, we took a garden walk, and when it started to rain (again!) we headed into the house. Now, I’m not much of a drinker (my sister calls me “tender.”) But when birthday girl Patti cracked open that little Baileys at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, I went for it. We passed it around taking shots until it was gone. On the third round, I joked that I was wasted and couldn’t take anymore. They completely bought it! And I laughed real hard. It’s so uncharacteristic for me to drink but to drink during the middle of day, now that’s new.

    So watch out, Nancy, I’m getting wild!

  • Ann e.King

    I just realized that you added Day 11 here so I’ll respond in kind.

    It was what I witnessed nearly all day long in the eastern sky. Storm clouds had formed over Lake Michigan, which is about 30 miles east of here. The tall rolling cumulus nimbus clouds that spanned the horizon from north to south looked like they topped out at about 40,000 ft. It seemed that they never moved on but just continuously churned and changed and formed new and different wonderful configurations. And, they were beautiful against the foreground of blue sky that spent the day over my house. Every time I looked east, I saw something new still sitting in the same spot. It was fabulous.

  • Rebecca Martin

    Nancy – the best $9 a pound bacon you’ll ever have is from Fleischers. Get a 1/4 pound and check it out. Really. It’s FAB.

    I love Gray Horse Farm, but I don’t love their bacon. Unless you first pour a little maple syrup over it – and broil. I suppose everything is better with butter….and maple syrup.

    • Yes, I believe everything is better with lots of butter. And maple syrup doesn’t hurt either. We still have some of the Gray Horse Farms, and I’m going to broil it as you instructed. Then, we’ll try Fleischers. We actually love the Applegate Farms Sunday bacon, too.

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