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31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 24 & 25

I’d only heard their strange electronic buzzing in the movies. And read about them in books about the south.

I’m talking about cicadas, or as my bon vivant calls them, hot weather bugs. I’d never heard them “live” until I moved here and experienced what’s been a pretty darn hot summer. Because it’s when the weather gets hot that cicadas shake the trees with their loud, buzzy sound.

On Sunday, Day 24 of Experiencing New Things, I actually saw one! A big, slightly iridescent cicada, which had been lying on its back on our deck until Mark gently flipped him over. He rested a while, then sang his buzzy song and moved on. Yep, my Sunday new experience!

Yesterday, Day 25, I excused myself from work a little early and went to see the movie, “Inception,” which was incredible! Who in the heck thought this up? What a mind-boggling premise! Sci-fi blockbusters are not usually my cup of tea, but this one is so smart, so brilliantly thought out, and beautifully produced, that I was enthralled throughout all 148 minutes of it. A perfect summer movie.

The last week or so, it’s been more challenging to make good on my 31 Day commitment. I’ve been feeling physically worn out, which has made it hard to be inspired by anything except a long nap. But I’m heading into the finish now, only 6 more days to go! And I’m going to make ’em count!

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  • Ann e.King

    The unexpected new things are the most fun, don’t you think? That’s what happened on Day 24 for me.

    I needed to exchange a gift that I’d gotten for my daughter’s birthday so I hopped in the car and headed 30 miles south to the gigantic sprawling mall complex where this particular store is located. Just another store, I thought. Blah, blah, blah. I had James Taylor’s Mud Slide Slim crankin’ on the stereo all the way down so I was already felt better the closer I got to the store.

    My niece had picked up the gift for me because she lives in that town so I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the doors of Ulta Beauty. I was pleasantly surprised at the product lines, the super friendly clerks and the prices. I spent more time in the store than I had expected but I learned a lot about different products from a very funny and informed associate.

    I left the store feeling better than I did when I walked in.

    Day 25 brought a new workout. My daughter is on a huge fitness tear lately and inspired by Jillian Michels, picked up three fitness DVDs on Sunday. I had watched her do the workout and thought that I’d be okay with the modified versions of the exercises. Yesterday, I gave that a go and although it was a little brutal in the beginning, by the time the workout was over, I’d made it through and I was feeling good.

    Like you, Nancy, I’ve found it challenging to stay into the 31 Days but now that you’ve counted only 6 more days to go, I know I can see this through to the end.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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