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31 Days of Experiencing New Things: Day 22 & 23

Yesterday, I decided to go to the 9:30 am yoga class at Mudita Yoga in Kingston. THIS would be my new experience for the day. I pulled my purple yoga mat out from the piles of stuff in the downstairs hallway, and sprinted off into the rainy, humid morning towards my new experience.

As I pulled up to Mudita Yoga, I saw a woman with a yoga mat starring at the door of the center, then walk away. Hmmm. Sure enough. According to the notice on the front door, class had been canceled. Here I had summoned up my willingness to be the clumsy “beginner” in a class situation, and I’d been spared by circumstances beyond my control.

Yet, I was disappointed. Shoot! My new experience plans had been thwarted!

So… I can’t say I did anything new yesterday. It just didn’t happen.

But today was a new day! And a very hot one, too! In 94-degree heat, I went to the Kingston Farmer’s Market, which felt oddly quiet and slow, most likely due to the oppressive, sticky heat. Then, I went to the Kingston Libary, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

It’s such a small libary! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a library with such a small collection of books. It was kind of cute! And the librarian was so sweet. I found a couple of books to check out, then went through the process of getting my Kingston library card. Another first!

This afternoon, I’ve been reading one of the books I checked out, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, and resting, mostly. This has been an incredibly hard, taxing week, and to have this lazy Saturday to read and relax has been very healing.

By the way, libraries are so very cool. I forgot just how cool they are. In this time when so much of what we read is online, or can be ordered online from, I forgot how much you can get FOR FREE from your public library.

Go check it out.

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  • Ann e.King

    On Day 22, my nephew came to his mother’s house on the last leg of a two-week road trip. Part of his time was spent visiting with his aunt in Fargo, North Dakota, who was my best friend in college and still a close friend. (There’s a story about how we came to have the same nephew but I won’t get to that here.) As he unloaded his truck, he brought out a bin that contained a lawn sculpture that my friend had made out of antique dishes. I’ve seen these around and quite frankly, I thought they were a little on the ugly side. But, this one! This one had the coolest antique cups, plates and bowls, all of them in various shades of aqua. It sits beautifully in the garden next to my patio where I can see it through the kitchen door. Not two weeks ago, I’d said to myself, I need some more statues for my garden. Bang. Here’s something new.

    Day 23 brought an impromptu family party since four of the out-of-town kids came into town that day. We gathered at my sister’s house for pizza and beer. It was the circumstances and the beer that provided my new experience. My brother brought over two jugs (yes, jugs) of home brew from Titletown Brewery, and it was the tastiest, smoothest beer I ever drank. The party was actually my idea but since my sister is recovering from foot surgery and can’t travel, I hosted the party at her house ~ a first.

    It was a wonderfully unexpected fun family night with a tasty beer chaser.

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