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31 Days of Experiencing New (Crappy) Things: Day 18, 19, 20, & 21

When you invite new experiences into your life, you have to take the good with the bad.

And I had about three days of bad ones. Honestly, I’ve been up against some horrible, heartwrenching challenges over these past few days, unlike I’ve ever experienced before. They’ve taken me to a new edge… and threatened to push me over. But I’m holding on. By my fingernails.

But there were some sweet moments as well. Like watching squirrels napping in the tree outside my window. They were just lounging, one with his little body splayed out, the other looking down, as if in a trance. Basking in the summer heat, perfectly still, for almost an hour.

Yesterday, in an effort to lift myself up and out of a dark place, I took myself out for Indian food. I LOVE Indian food, and I haven’t had any really good Indian food since I moved here. So, I made an adventure out of it by choosing an Indian restaurant in Red Hook, since I’d never been to Red Hook and going there would pack two new experiences into one: new town, new restaurant.

Red Hook was cute, funky and small. Most of the town consists of one main intersection, so it was easy to walk and take it in. The Indian restaurant I went to was pretty disappointing, at least, what I ordered wasn’t that great. But, as I said, you take the bad with the good, and vice versa.

Today, which is Day 22 of this 31-day focus, I’m going to a yoga class. Now, I haven’t done yoga in years! And I certainly haven’t been to a class here in Kingston, so this will be yet another new experience.

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  • Ann e.King

    Good fortune is found in bad fortune. And bad fortune hides in good fortune. ~ Tao Te Ching

    So true, as you have found out.

    New experiences meant new restaurants for me. The first was actually the new west side location of a family favorite Mexican restaurant. We all got together to celebrate my daughter’s 20th birthday. The food and atmosphere on the east side are so authentic, and the west side fell short. The meal was still good but the giant televisions on the walls turned everyone at the table into zombies. I’m glad I tried it but I wouldn’t go there again.

    The next day I met with a fellow illustrator over lunch at a newly remodeled historic building which now houses my favorite vegetarian restaurant here in town. It’s architecturally beautiful and very laid back, which I love. My friend inspires me like nobody’s business. The guy’s got talent oozing from every fiber of his being so I jumped at the chance when he asked me to meet with him.

    With Day 20 came the opportunity to take care of my sister after her foot surgery. She has a really sweet little cart that she’ll ride around on after she goes back to work. But, I’ve been all over her hardwood floors with that baby and having fun doing it as I make and deliver her meals and take care of whatever else she needs. You kneel on one side and push yourself around with the other foot. New experience for me and for her but it’s a lot more fun for me.

    A new project came and went on Day 21. A client called in a big hurry to get what they needed. It was fun to be able to turn it around that fast and make some quick and easy money.

    Now, let’s see if you can be done with the crappy new experiences and let the fun ones emerge. Go for it!

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